While pregnancy is a thrilling experience filled with love, it is also something that takes a toll on the body of the mother. Since her body becomes the host of the new life, her natural support system might not always be up to par. Also, a pregnant woman needs all hands on deck and can take as much help as possible.

To make pregnancy easier, there are various kinds of support garments in the market. With the numerous options available, you can feel overwhelmed, and you might get confused in picking the most suitable support garment for the new mother. In this article, we will discuss the types of maternity support garments and their benefits.

About Maternity Support Garment

Women who carry babies in the womb keep on getting bigger throughout their pregnancy. As a result, they end up tearing a lot of clothes. Also, their increasing weight could be dangerous for their body posture.

Due to this reason, the belly, back and hip area of the mother needs support. To provide firm yet comfortable support in these parts, maternity support garments are used. There are several types of support garments available for pregnant women. The ideal ones are belly belts.

Types Of Maternity Support Garments

Belly Belts

Belly belts are narrower as compared to belly belts as their primary function is to provide support to body parts like the pelvis, lower back, hip and abdomen. If the mother wants to skip using an anesthesia during birth, she needs to exercise on a regular basis. Belly belts provide the necessary support that the mother might need while exercising.

Belly Bands

To cover the unbuttoned or unzipped pants, belly bands are used. They are flexible and can prevent mothers from buying new clothes every time they get bigger. Some belly bands also offer support to the lower back and hip area with mild compression.

Prenatal Or Maternity Cradles

Prenatal or maternity cradles are just like pregnancy support belly belts that are wrapped around the lower body. It also has an upper strap that extends to the top of the belly. When these two belts combine, they form a cradle for the belly; prenatal cradles can also be bought as an add-on to the belly belts.

Maternity Support Clothing

There are maternity briefs and leggings available which have an inbuilt supportive belt and non-binding waistband. These factors make a stretchy space for the belly to accommodate the bump. The maternity support clothes provide support to the legs, hips and buttocks.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Support Belly Belts

  • Cost Efficient
  • No Need To Buy New Clothes
  • Can Be Used During And After Pregnancy
  • Long Lasting
  • Easier To Exercise
  • Promotes Good Posture

Final Thoughts

Once your baby is born, your work is not done. A mother has to go through the postpartum phase, which is a recovery period. To accelerate the recovery, mothers can use postpartum belly wraps that help increase blood circulation, which is good for healing.