The programme of screen and media opens up numerous paths to success. Once you are out of college, various opportunities become available to you, which you can use to quickly achieve growth. Here are some of the career pathways that you can choose from once you graduate.

Film or Video Editor

One of the most popular career paths for screen and media graduates is the profession of an editor, be it of films or all round video editor, who works on anything from tv shows to documentaries. When a movie is made, irrespective of the fact that it’s a romance or an action film, it employs a huge number of people as part of its crew. This includes editors, who are part of the production team. The same goes for any documentary series or TV show.

Professional Photographer

Professional photographers are usually self-employed but they can also work in creative agencies and the like. They conduct photoshoots for businesses, models, movie/tv show posters, more.

Film/TV Director

The film and tv industries employ a large number of people and the chief members of their crew include directors, who use their creative skills to complete the production of a movie or show. They are behind all the creative aspects of a project. Their vision is brought into reality by others in the crew.

Advertising/Marketing Agents

Screen and media graduates get to work in advertising agencies and marketing companies as well. They get to create advertisements of various kinds to certain products or services. They come up with ideas for a promotion and then work on it to execute said ideas.


A cinematographer oversees the overall camerawork during film or tv show production. They realise the vision of the director and bring it on screen with their skills.


Broadcasters produce and present news and other similar content, be it informational or for entertainment. They broadcast this content to the audience either live or after recording it beforehand. There are numerous roles that a broadcaster can have, including directors, news anchors, entertainment programme hosts, etc.


An animator creates moving images from individual stills. Their skills are required to create video games, certain special effects, and more. With the advancement in technology in today’s world, they are high in demand.

Game Designer

Screen and media graduates can also become game designers as they possess the required skills for it. This can be a great path to success because they not only get to create an entire game, beginning from the plot to the visual design, but they also earn many more skills in the process.

Graphics Designer

The role of a graphic designer is to use designing software for visual representation. They use technology and convert it into art, creating graphics to capture the interest of consumers.

UX Designer

UX designers are responsible for creating a user-friendly experience for when consumers interact with a product. Their role is to understand the needs of the target audience and create a final product accordingly, with the help of other design team members like the product developer, manager, visual designer, etc.

The Bottom Line

These were a few of the career pathways that screen and media graduates can choose to achieve rapid growth and success in this field. The skills they get from studying this programme are perfect for the opportunities mentioned. If you are interested in this programme, you can check out the diploma of screen and media by TMICE.