2020 has not been the year we expected it to be. We all expected glitz and glitter thinking about the 20s that came last century, however, it really hasn’t shaped out to be that way. With most of us being confined to our houses and in quarantine, there a few essentials most women should have in their closets. These can range from clothes to shoes to even accessories which are essential this year. This is why we have decided to make a list of things you should have in your closet and how they can help define your style in quarantine. They can make your man fall in love with you again and maybe even make you look fresh faced and well-dressed all day.

  1. Cozy sweatshirt

With how the times are going, all of us need a big hug. But with social distancing that isn’t allowed. This is why its best we use an oversized cozy sweatshirt to feel like we are getting a warm hug. Now that spring is in full bloom, a cozy sweatshirt still can work well at home and is the perfect way to feel comfortable and safe in your house.

  • Printed Dress

For the upcoming summer which is soon approaching, all of us were looking forward to wearing dresses and will hopefully be able to as well. Getting printed dresses with geometric prints or floral prints not only represent summer but also give a very fresh and relaxed vibe which is great for the upcoming heat. A printed dress is a must-have in your closet.

  • Boots

Boots can be of many kinds. There can be cowboy boots, fuzzy boots, knee-high, and many more. Having boots in your closet means that you’re ready for winter, and have a very good sense of style. They can be paired with almost all kinds of clothes like miniskirts, dresses, shorts and more. They really are the perfect show. To find excellent quality and tons of variety go over to FSW Shoes for an excellent collection of boots, shoes and much more.

  • Hoop earrings

Having a pair of powerful statement earnings in your closet can help you feel powerful during these tough times. Having hoop earnings is even better. They are classic, stylish and modern and work with most types of clothes. They can help dress up a look and take a look more casual. They are the perfect accessory to have in your closet.

  • White tee

A white t-shirt is something most of us own. But having the correct one in your closet can always change your style game. The perfect white t-shirt works with all outfits. You can wear it under a jumpsuit, with jeans, and even with a pantsuit. It’s the perfect t-shirt to own because of its versatility. It’s effortless, easy to wear and always in style. A white t-shirt is always a must-have in your closet.