School holidays can a delight for children, however, they can become very problematic for parents. With the kids at home and their energy not being utilized in the right manner, they can get cranky and start to defy you, and worst of all start using their screen much more often than they should be. All of this is not just bad for their mental health, but also their physical health.

Children naturally have tons of energy that needs to be released in the right manner. By being home during the holidays, we can sometimes inhibit the release of energy which can lead to health problems later on and most commonly lower stamina and agility, fatigue, and even anxiousness.

With kids at home who are full of energy, but have nowhere to express it can get difficult for parents to manage. They cannot seem to find a moment together to fall in love or do not have the time to look as fresh-faced as they would want to.

So, to help you keep your child active and energized during the holidays in the right way, we have compiled a list of activities you can do with your children. These activities are an excellent way to bring the family together as well as get the kids moving and away from their screens.

1.    Walks

It is very important that you find a physical outlet for the children to release all their pent-up energy and tension. Walks are the perfect way of doing so. They can be done with the family and they can lead to many learning opportunities too like learning about different people, plants, and animals.

2.    Active gifts

When the kids are home for the holidays, there can be events where gifts are expected. We suggest that instead of buying them a new gadget or buying them something that makes them sit around, you get them some active toys. Active toys are those toys that make your kids move around. For example, basketball, skipping rope, etc. will encourage your child to release energy and remain active over the holidays.

3.    Swings and trampolines

Going to the park and letting the kids play on the swings can be the perfect way to remain active. Children love to interact, play, and have fun, and this one of the ways to do so. A trampoline is an excellent way of keeping them happy and active at the same time. If you’re trying to find a trampoline in Australia, look no further as here you will find various kinds and of good quality.

4.    Enroll in sports

Many people like to send their children to camps or enroll them in classes. The best type of classes you can choose to enroll your child in are classes with some physical activity. This can be anything from basketball to tennis. These activities will keep the children active, enhance their abilities in that particular sport as well as help them release energy in the right way.

5.    Schedule

This may seem unusual to many, but if you stick to a schedule, you can make sure your kids remain active throughout the holidays. By creating a schedule, you make sure they are sleeping at the right time, eating at the right time and playing at the right time too. This helps in keeping them active throughout the holidays.