Melbourne is a coastal city that is densely populated and has various tourist attraction destinations. So, if you are lucky enough to reside in a place like this or visit this place, then there are plenty of things you should consider doing. The most sought-after area of Melbourne is the city of Bayside. It is on the southeast side of the centre of Melbourne. So if you are a visitor to the city, then let’s have a look at the things that you can do in Bayside, Melbourne.

The Foremost Thing Is To Get The Bayside Tourist Map

If you are spending holidays with your children or loved ones then surely you wouldn’t want to waste any second of it. Thus, having a locating tool such as a tourist map can come in handy. In a world that’s dominated by technology, having everything on your mobile phone is easy.

However, sometimes you can land yourself in situations where you do not know the directions, and the networks are also not working. The map is the most useful and effective tool in situations like these. So, as soon as you enter the city, grab a map for clarity on the directions of the places you want to visit.

As for the locations, the city offers various entertaining and relaxing spots like safe beaches, bathing boxes, fishing spots etc.

To hangout, Shop And Have Dinner Or Coffee, Check Out Church Street, Brighton

If you have just arrived in the city and want to chill, then you can start by visiting Church Street. It has got it all for you; You can find 40 amazing shopping stores and diners. Also, if you want to keep it light, then you can have coffee in cafes.

For Scenic Views And Instagram Photos, Try Out Brighton Bathing Boxes

You will find the amazing view of so many colourful bathing boxes on the shoreline of Brighton beach. They are precisely located at the end of the beach. This location has been popularly used in so many TV shows and music video albums. Thus, making it a perfect pick for your Instagram-ready photos.

Initially, there used to be a total of 200 bathing boxes, but today, you may only find 80 of them. Apart from these colourful boxes, there are other beautiful elements like the sky and the blue water with a mix of sparkly sand.

Explore The Bayside Art Gallery

Brighton art gallery is famous all around the globe. It invites artists from different countries to showcase their artwork. The gallery is located within the walking range of Brighton Savoy. On the weekend you can visit the place on Saturday and Sunday from around 1 pm to 5 pm, and on weekdays it is open only from Wednesday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Swimming Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Middle Brighton Baths

There is an entire dedicated community of swimmers who teach newcomers to swim with them. You can find their group at 8 am on Saturdays and at 4 pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays. So, you must go and try swimming with them to have an unforgettable experience.

Historical Buildings

In terms of history, you might be surprised to know that Bayside has plenty of historic buildings that include:

Billilla Historic Mansion

It has the layout and design of the 19th century, which most architects like to witness.

Black Rock House

The first house that was ever constructed in this place was the Black Rock House. It is open for the public to take in its view. You can visit it on the first Sunday of the month. The timing is generally between 1 pm to 4 pm.

Kamesburgh House And Garden

This grand building was built around 1874 and was used as a home for war veterans. It opens daily for the public to visit.

The Sandbelt Gold Courses For Gold Players

When it comes to golf courses, Bayside has proven to be a huge magnet for that. You can find some of the world’s fine golf courses here. There are so many splendid sandy base gold courses that are just perfect for playing on.

Majestic Coastal Trails To Walk

For couples, walking is never off the charts. Also, people who like to walk and witness the beauty of the place by themselves will love the place as it has various cliff tops, foreshore and beaches. All these places are within a radius of 17 kilometres.

Furthermore, you can never get lost during the long walks as there are around 90 signs hung over for directions. Moreover, the Bayside describes the life of the Boon Wurrun people who lived there for thousands of years in the earlier days.

Final Thoughts

The most amazing thing about places like these in Melbourne is that you can find many services on your doorstep. Apart from beautiful areas that are inspired by glorious history and art, you can have an excellent environment to live there. Besides, the coastal area in the Bayside hosts a handful of history-related events every year. You can also explore the environment trail, where you can find a series of ecological elements, flora and fauna. Most of it has coastal vegetation and marine life.

As for living, you can have everything at your disposal within a radius of a few miles. Whether it’s about going shopping, hanging out, having dinner or just fetching refreshment drinks, you can have it all. For services related to your home’s fitting, you can always contact Pro Point Electrical service in Bayside, Victoria. They mainly deal with the issue related to electrical fittings.