Sydney is no doubt one of the best and exciting cities for any getaway. The amazing infrastructure, friendly and beautiful natives, tasty cuisines, nature parks, shopping streets, rustic galleries, and much more attract thousands of tourists towards this city. For the individuals who are traveling to Sydney for the first time, this article will be of great help as it includes some tips for first time visitors. Given below are these tips:

 Avoid Public Transport

Sydney is huge and finding public transport can be difficult as well as time taking. You have to spend hours and hours waiting for the public transport in the streets of Sydney and can miss out on most of the fun. So, you are advised to rent a car. Rent a car that suits you best with the help of some top services that offer long term car rental in Sydney.

Carefully Look for Signs

Some areas of Sydney are smoking free zones. Smoking at these places can cause serious troubles i.e. in term of heavy fines. So, if you are a smoker, prefer to smoke only in your room or while being indoor. In case you have to smoke outdoor, look for the sign or ask someone if it’s allowed to smoke there or not?

Visit the Art Galleries

The art galleries of Sydney are extremely famous as well as amazing. One other thing that makes the galleries of Sydney the best and worth visiting is that they are free for everyone. It means that you can explore a lot of art pieces with even paying a single penny. A visit to the art galleries of Sydney is a must.

Go for a Ferry Ride

Ferries are one of the cheapest modes of transportation and any adventurer’s dream. Other than being a source of transportation, ferries are a source of entertainment too. You can enjoy a lot of views while being on ferry and can make your trip memorable.

Go Out Early

The inhabitants of Sydney usually wake up early in the morning. Most of the cafes, shops, and restaurants are open around 7AM, so if you want to have breakfast in some café, wake up with the sun and also for shopping the best items visit shops and malls early.  

Visit the Rocks

The rocks are the ancient parts of the Sydney. The rock markets, art museums, street entertainment, delicious foods, beautiful view of the harbor, make the rocks one of the coolest parts of Sydney. So, if you are traveling to Sydney for the first time, make sure to visit the ancient rocks.

Visit the Taronga Zoo

 Another must place to visit in Sydney includes the Taronga zoo. It is an award winning attraction, featuring some spectacular birds and variety of other animals. So, if you are visiting Sydney for the first time regardless of your age ,you need to visit this zoo.