Want to play with guns that you always fancied having at your disposal? Gel blaster is here to fulfill your dreams, and its creation is a fun thing to do. Gel blasters look exactly like the real-life guns only difference is it’s a toy, and they are harmless unless you shoot someone in the eye who hasn’t got eye gear on. The gel blaster shoots gel pellets that have been soaked in water. For some time, gel blasters have been getting that attention and coming into boom and are used in many activities like paintball guns or laser tag competitions.

Basic Knowledge Of Gel Blaster

Gel blasters have two categories, one co2/gas powered other electrically powered. Gas-powered gel blasters have more muzzle velocity, which means you can shoot far compared to electric powered but with lesser accuracy than electric powered. Gas gel blasters are low maintenance. You can have them well-functioned for a long time with just oiling unless you drop your gun from a certain height or damage it badly.

Electric-powered gel blaster runs on rechargeable batteries, has good accuracy, and is suitable for beginners who just got into it. Since they look exactly like real guns, they are all available in all variants: pistol, revolver, assault, sniper, and shotgun. All variants are available for both gas and electric-powered gel blasters. You can play with it with your kids to keep your children active.


Gel blaster uses ammo that is 100% biodegradable in nature. They are also called water beads. They soak up water and get up to 1000 times bigger than their original form when they are dry. They are non-toxic in nature. They also come in different colors and don’t leave any stains on clothes making them the perfect ammo.


Like-minded people who have a love for this game have made a community, Just like paintball and laser tag, and there are communities that organize these games and have competition rewards. Since the game is harmless, children of early ages can also participate in the game and win the hearts of everyone.

Protective Gear

Gel blasters are not fatal. Both gas-powered and electric ones, but if you get hit in the eye, it can be problematic, so at least always wear eyewear. Since the sport requires peak focus, you can easily bump into something that might hurt you in worst-case scenarios, and it can be fatal, so always wear protective gear so you can give it your all with full indulgence and not get hurt in the process.


Since the game is harmless but can still require permission if you are playing outdoors or at a semi-public place, playing indoors or inside property or land you own, you don’t need any approval.


It’s a great game for both indoors and outdoors. Any age group can play with it, at least ones who are old enough to grab and pick up the gun in the perfect position. Buying gas-powered is one of the best purchases you can make since it requires just oiling, so parts don’t get stuck or get rusty over time. Playing this game also makes your tactical skills good. Speaking of tactical, now you can have Tactical Edge – Buy Rifle Gel Blasters from here.